I created a simple python script for populating my application with test data, so I can run my tests against a standard set of data.


  • Close to the production environment as possible
  • Tests repeatable and consistent

Why not manually create your data?

This is an option but a long-winded and an unnecessary endeavor the time it takes to manually populate my system with 1000 users I can write a simple script can do that in a fraction of the time after I can then just type python name_of_app.py I can now go make myself an Espresso and when I come back I will have all the data I require allowing me to crack on.

Why not just use production database?

This is just a dick move and would compromise the privacy of your customers data. How would you feel if your data at a company was being used by a QA team?

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The meat of this blog post

I did a little googlefu and found a helpful service called randomuser.me which is a simple API for generating random users. This was also helpful as I was missing some attributes from my User Model. For this quick task I decided to use python because I have been primarily writing python web applications for the last to years so for me python is my mother tongue/swiss army knife.

Applications Dependencies

pip install pymongo requests*

*Note: Not sudo because I'm using virtualenv

Pymongo is a simple library for working with No-SQL database Mongodb. Requests is a simple well written http library self described as http for humans

Code example


python name_of_app.py

I hope this helps please give me some feedback, you can drop me a message on twitter or via email. Time is your most precious commodity and should be spent doing something awesome.