WTF is it?

Vagrant is an interesting tool I have been using for years. It allows you to quickly spin up a VMs for performing experiments. Fundamentally it’s used for the management of your development environments in VMs.


  • Ensures all developers on your team are running a development environment which are the same as a remote production box. Stop developers saying “it works on my machine”.
  • Provides a VM playground so you can spin up a box play around with it the destroy it after.
  • Use it to practice deployment automation.
  • Ship a Vagrantfile with your source and deployment scripts so you can build a production like environment with your code.



Install Virtualbox for your platform


Install vagrant for your platform



In my code directory I to run the following command

vagrant init

This creates a boilerplate Vagrantfile.

Set your VM distro

change = “base” in your Vagrantfile to = “"

You can browse and download boxes here.

I’m using ubuntu/xenial64 so mine looks like this = “ubuntu/xenial64”

Start the VM

vagrant up

Stop the VM

vagrant halt

Access the VM

vagrant ssh

Reload VM after making changes to Vagrantfile

vagrant reload

Delete VM

vagrant destroy

In my next post about vagrant I’ll create a simple tutorial on how to provisioning your VM in vagrant.